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Peace Project Forms

Peacebuilder Participants:
One of the crucial components of Peacebuilders Initiative is the creation and implementation of a Peace Project in your parish, school, or community.  As a Peacebuilder participant, you have been commissioned to create and implement a unique project that utilizes your skills, leadership, and passion to respond to the needs in your community.

Though a Peace Project can take many different forms, depending on the needs or opportunities present in your community, there are criteria that should guide every project's goals.  We have developed these criteria out of our commitment to and conversation about four principles of Catholic Social Teaching: the Dignity of the Human Person, Participation, Solidarity, and the Preferential Option for the Poor and Vulnerable.  With these in mind, every Peace Project should:
1.     Be rooted in your local community.
2.     Build and strengthen relationships between individuals and between communities.
3.     Involve and honor the voices of everyone your project will affect.
4.     Address a need or opportunity within your community to build peace and justice, especially one that concerns the poor, vulnerable, and/or young.
5.     Incorporate prayer and/or reflection for and with all those affiliated with the project.

Follow these simple steps below to get started!

Step One:
Partner Contact Communication
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The first step in the process is to meet with your Partner Contact at your school or parish to discuss how you will collaborate on your project throughout the year. Due by September 26, 2014
Step Two:

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The second step in the process is to reflect on the needs of your community and to determine how relationships between different members of the community might be built for peace.  Due by October 10, 2014

Step Three:
Project Proposal
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The third step in the process is to outline specific goals and action steps for how you plan to realize the dream of a more peaceful, reconciled community.  Initial Proposal due by November 7, 2014.  Final Proposal due by Friday, January 9, 2014.
Step Four:
Budget (Optional)
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Peacebuilders Initiative will fund up to $250 per Peace Project.  If funding is requested, this budget form is due by November 19, 2014.


Do You Have What it Takes to be a Peacebuilder?