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Peace Project Process

The Peace Project Process

Before diving headlong into the design and execution of a peace project, Peacebuilders participants take a step back to analyze the needs of their community.  Then, they determine how relationships between different members of the community might be built for mutual growth.

The next step is to outline a proposal and budget for how they plan to realize the dream of a more peaceful, reconciled community.  Some questions that participants think about for their proposal are: How do I see my parish/school transformed by this project?  What can I do to make that a reality?  What steps are necessary to get there?   Whose help should be enlisted?  What resources will I need, and how much? 

Following the initial design, participants make adjustments to their proposal as needed, based upon the feedback of the community itself; a peer, and their partner contact.  Finally, the Peacebuilders staff must approve their proposal and budget.

Finally, as part of the Fall and Spring Retreats, participants reflect upon the successes and struggles they have experienced during the peace project journey, and suggest ways to be even more effective in future efforts. 

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