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Mission and Objectives


Rooted in the church's mission of peacemaking and reconciliation, and inspired by the vision and passion of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, the Peacebuilders Initiative seeks to prepare Catholic youth for active leadership roles in peacemaking, reconciliation and conflict transformation in their homes, schools, parish communities and neighborhoods and thereby inspires them to consider ministry as a life choice.   Additionally, Peacebuilders Initiative responds to the needs of adult educators, youth ministers and other vital staff working with youth, to enhance their skills and deepen their own faith formation.


For high school students:

  • Develop a deeper sense of their own capacity for ministry and leadership.
  • Develop an ability and willingness to think critically, ask tough theological questions, and deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith.
  • Develop the skills necessary for leadership, conflict resolution, and peacemaking.
  • Cultivate an understanding of the call to ministry and service in the world and the church.
  • Experience a community that both challenges and supports.

For teachers, campus ministers, mentors, and parents:

  • Participation in the educational and formational opportunities offered by Catholic Theological Union.
  • Develop a greater sense of confidence and competence in their work on behalf of high school students.
  • Benefit from the encouragement and support of fellow teachers, campus ministers, mentors, and parents in their work with high school students.
Do You Have What it Takes to be a Peacebuilder?